Retail Digital Media (RDM) is a media technology company specialising in digital signage & audio solutions. We combine our proprietary hardware, software and media expertise to deliver stakeholder value. We partner with clients spanning multiple industries including retail, financial, corporate, healthcare, hospitality, fitness etc. to provide innovative, audience-centric digital communication solutions. We offer various leasing, financing and commercial advertising models to assist in maximising our clients return on investment.

Hardware & Manufacturing

We offer a range of digital signage products to cater to various in-store applications. With exclusive manufacturing capabilities, we are able to custom produce products according to specification.

Installation & Support

We have national implementation, maintenance and support capabilities to ensure our digital signage network remains fully operational at all times.

Content Management Software

Our proprietary content management software allows us to manage, schedule & change content at the click of a button. All of our software is cloud-based, centrally managed and securely hosted to ensure 99.9% uptime.

Content Strategy & Management

We realize that the creation of content for our digital media format is different from static or traditional media. We assist to ensure this content is designed correctly to ensure maximum exposure and engagement.

Media Planning & Selling

We understand media planning cycles and brand strategies and can actively assist and/or advise on the best placement within our network to meet campaign objectives.

Reporting & Feedback

We understand a data driven approach is key. We are committed to find new and improved ways to offer our clients robust ROI measures on campaign spend.